Structured 3-for-1 Lesson Scheme

All ABC Driving School Instructors are able to offer 3 hours in the Logbook for one hour of paid tuition under the RMS "Structured (3-for-1) driving lessons" scheme.  This scheme has a dual focus - to emphasise the importance of seeking the help of a qualified driving instructor when learning to drive and helps to reduce the burden of recording 120 hours of driving supervision.

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The Scheme is limited to the first ten hours (that is - only the first ten hours with your driving instructor can be counted in the scheme). Any tuition received after the first 10 hours are counted 1-for-1 in your logbook.

The Scheme does not permit 3-for-1 for night hours. You must undertake 20 hours of night driving before you can present for your driving test. Driving lessons taken at night are recorded as 1 night hour + 2 daylight supervision hours.

Lessons taken under the 3-for-1 scheme have planned content and are recorded in the Learner Logbook Structured lesson Record Keeper (towards the end of the book)

3-for-1 lessons can be taken at any time during the learning process. ABC Driving School recommends a block at the beginning to improve your safety before embarking on parental supervision with monthly follow-up lessons to help maintain good habits. However, there is no rule to follow. (you should not rely on a 3-for-1 lesson immediately before your test as you should have already completed your120 logbook hours prior to the test date.)

After 10 structured (3-for-1) lessons have been completed you can continue to have lessons with your ABC Driving Instructor. They are simply recorded in the main record as one for one. Note you will not be able to fool the system and get a new set of 3-for-l lessons with a second instructor as there are only 10 slots in your logbook.

The scheme does not apply to learner drivers over the age of 25, as they are not required to present a learners logbook detailing training hours.

NOTE: although you do not need a Driving Instructors Licence to be a supervising driver you DO need to hold a current full Australian Driver Licence. P-plate holders may not supervise learner drivers.

For more information please visit the RMS at the following link 3-FOR-1 Structured Lesson Scheme.

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