From Learner to Full Licence

After passing your RMS Knowledge Test you will begin the exciting journey towards holding your own full driver licence. Our experienced, qualified, fully insured Driving Instructors can help you become safe and competent drivers.

-  Pass the Driver Knowledge Test

- Hold your L's for at least 12 months and complete 120 hours (ask ABC Driving School about our 3-for1 Lesson Scheme)

- Pass the Hazard Perception Test

- Pass the Driving Test (call  or email your local ABC Driving School to book a Driving Test package with one of our driving instructors)

- Hold your P1 Licence for 12 months

- Hold your P2 Licence for 24 months

- Pass the Driver Qualification Test

Overview - from learner to full driver

There are seven steps you'll need to complete to progress from a car learner licence to a full licence.

The steps are:

1. Pass the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) - If you are 16 years or older you can book into your local Motor Registry to sit the computerised Driver Knowledge Test. Study the NSW Road Rules and practice before you go. You will need to prove your identity and upon successful completion of the Driver Knowledge Test you will be issued with a Learners Licence and (if you are under 25) be issued with a Learner Driver Log Book.

Knowledge Test Question Bank

Practice Knowledge Test

Practice Knowledge Test iPhone App

2. Hold your learner licence at least 12 months and complete 120 hours of supervised driving practice including 20 hours of night driving (for drivers under the age of 25 only). A Supervising Driver must be the holder of a Full Australian Licence. When driving a Learner must have an L plate clearly visible on the front and rear of the vehicle. (an L sign on the roof is acceptable for Driving Instructors). The Log book provides for compulsory driving experience in a variety of conditions under controlled conditions. The Log book must be signed off by the driving instructor or supervisor.

3. Pass the Hazard Perception Test to be able to book your Driving Test.

4. Pass the Driving Test and receive a Provisional Licence - stage 1 (P1 licence).

5. Hold your P1 licence for a minimum of 12 months. You must display your red P plate when driving and special conditions apply.

6. Hold your P2 licence for a minimum of 24 months. You must display your green P plate when driving and special conditions apply.

7. Pass the Driver Qualification Test (DQT) to receive a full licence.


Why professional lessons?

Driving instructors are specially trained professionals with cars specially equipped for the teaching process. They can take the hassle out of the teaching process that many parents feel when it comes to a first time learner driver.

ABC encourages a partnership between the driving instructor, parent or supervising driver and the learner to gain experience and the skills to be a safe and competent driver.

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