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Getting Your Driver Licence - car

  This Guide has been produced to assist new drivers, their parents and tutors to understand the new licensing scheme and the special conditions that apply to new drivers in New South Wales.


Licence test guides and handbooks

  Guides and handbooks to help you prepare for the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT), Hazard Perception Test (HPT), Driver Qualification Test (DQT), motorcycle licence and Motorcycle Operator Skill Test (MOST).


Road users handbook

  The Road Users Handbook explains the main rules which apply to all road users and must be read and understood if you want to hold a driver licence in NSW.


Practice driver knowledge test - DKT

  The practice DKT has been designed to help people prepare for the DKT before attempting it at a motor registry or other testing location. It lets you become familiar with the test and helps you to decide if you are ready to attempt the test. It also lets experienced drivers test their knowledge of the road rules.


Driver knowledge test - DKT

  This is the first stage in the Graduated Licensing Scheme and is the test you must pass to get your learner licence. You must be 16 years of age or older to be eligible to take the test.


Driver ability road test - DART

  As part of a range of new road safety initiatives to make our drivers and roads safer, a tougher driving test was introduced in 2007. The test focuses on hazard perception and has been designed for learners with extensive driving experience.


Hazard perception test - HPT

  The Hazard Perception Test (HPT) is part of the NSW driver licensing scheme. The aim of the test is to make sure Provisional P1 drivers have enough hazard perception skills to progress to a Provisional P2 licence.


Driver qualification test - DQT

  The Graduated Licensing Scheme for New Drivers in New South Wales requires drivers to pass a Driver Qualification Test (DQT) before they can progress from a P2 driver licence to a full licence.


Heavy Vehicle Drivers Handbook

  This handbook has been written to help you understand the special rules and regulations that apply to you and your heavy vehicle. You should read this as well as the Road Users' Handbook. Also known as HV Driver handbook.

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