Frequently Asked Questions

Class HR, however you must have manual car driving experience as you will be driving a Roadranger (Constantmesh gearbox) or a 9-speed Synchromesh gearbox. You must also hold a Class C (2nd year of Green P-Plates) or higher. See our 1 & 2 Day Courses page for course availability.

The difference between getting your HR (Heavy Rigid) Licence in a synchromesh gearbox or a constantmesh is that the Heavy Rigid licence will be issued with a condition-b because your heavy vehicle training and assessment has been carried out in a vehicle with a synchromesh transmission (or gearbox). The condition - B (restriction) is also applied to training conducted in a heavy rigid truck with automatic gearbox.

ABC Driving School offers courses in all transmission types:

Heavy Rigid (HR) Licence Course - automatic gearbox - Western Sydney

Heavy Rigid (HR) or Heavy Combination (HC) Licence course - synchromesh gearbox - Western Sydney & Central Coast

Heavy Rigid (HR) or Heavy Combination (HC) Licence course - constantmesh (or roadranger) gearbox - Western Sydney, Central Coast, Kogarah & Wollongong

To remove a B Restriction from a HR or HC Licence you must sit a Competency Test in a HR (Heavy Rigid) vehicle with a constantmesh or roadranger gearbox.

There are three options available to you.

  1. Apply for and sit a 'Short Manual Driving Test' with the RMS where you will be tested on your ability to control the vehicle using a Constantmesh gearbox.
  2. Wait 12 months and upgrade to the next licence class using HVCBA in a Constantmesh vehicle.
  3. Call one of our Heavy Vehicle Training Centres and ask about completing a Competency Test or 'CT' in one of our Heavy Rigid (constantmesh) trucks. Prices will vary depending on your experience. Call your local centre for further details. Arndell Park (near Eastern Creek); Kogarah; Central Coast; or Wollongong.

If you are thinking of joining the NSW Ambulance Service you will need a class LR (Light Rigid) Licence.

Click Here for details of our one day Ambulance Service LR (Light Rigid) Licence Courses In Western Sydney and on the Central Coast.

Most employers in the Mining Industry will require you to hold an Unrestricted (Constantmesh) HR driving licence.

Yes, at ABC Driving School, we have both HR and HC trucks that are fitted with Constantmesh (Roadranger) gearboxes. This will ensure that you are issued with an Unrestricted licence. See our 1 & 2 Day Courses for details.

If you have held your MR (Medium Rigid) licence for at least 12 months, then you may upgrade to a Class HC (Heavy Combination) Constantmesh or Synchromesh - available at ABC Heavy Vehicle Training Centre Arndell Park (near Eastern Creek). 

Our one day course is conducted using a 9-speed Mitsubishi Fighter 14 towing a trailer - the fee is $1350.

Our two-day course uses an 18-Speed Nissan UD towing a trailer - the fee is $1840.

You can also choose to up-grade to the Heavy Rigid (HR) Licence.

No. Your overseas driving licence or license will only entitle you to drive a Class C (Car). The only exception is a New Zealand Heavy Vehicle drivers licence, this may be exchanged for an equivalent NSW LR, MR, HR or HC licence at any Motor Registry. You can book your Heavy Vehicle licence training course at Western Suburbs, Kogarah, Central Coast and Wollongong.

While you are on your Red P-Plates you are NOT allowed to upgrade to any heavy vehicle licence class. Use this time to practice your skills and observe the practices of Heavy Vehicle road users around you. Notice the emphasis on greater Crash Avoidance Space and be aware of their requirement for greater stopping distances.

Yes, under CBA guidelines you may change gearbox type without the need to resit the Knowledge Test or to change your CBA Logbook.  Therefore, if you start your CBA or Truck training course in a Constantmesh (Roadranger) gearbox your can change to Synchromesh or automatic gearbox during course.

Note: if you complete your course in a Synchromesh or automatic vehicle you will be issued with a B-restriction on your licence. (see Q2 above).

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