frequently asked questions


Our Booking Staff are available Monday - Friday from 8.30am to 5pm and Saturday from 8.30am to 12.30pm to help you with any of your questions.


Some of the more frequently asked questions are listed below (with answers)!

 1. What is the difference between a 'Condition B' and an 'Open' Licence?

This refers to the MR, HR and HC licence classes. A 'Condition B' is placed on your licence when the course is completed in a truck with either an automatic or synchromesh transmission. The licence holder is not licenced to drive a vehicle with a constantmesh (or Roadranger) gearbox.

2. What is the Highest licence I can upgrade to from my car licence?

From the car (class C) it is possible to go to LR, MR or HR. You should consider your needs as you may find the higher the licence class, the more difficult you will find the training and your costs may increase.

3. I am joining NSW Ambulance - can I do the course in an automatic vehicle.

Yes, in NSW the LR licence does not note what transmission was used for the licence upgrade.

4. Can I get an unrestricted licence with ABC Driving School?

Yes you can - we have an 18-speed Nissan UD ready to take you once you have passed the Knowledge Test at the RMS

5. How do I get my HC Licence?

As long as you have held your MR or HR licence for a minimum of 12 months - you can apply to complete the HC knowledge test and then undertake training and assessment.

6. Can I upgrade my licence while I am on P plates?

Red P's - NO

Green P's - YES  (first year LR or MR) (second year HR)