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We now offer a One Day HR (Heavy Rigid) Licence Course which results in a licence being issued with a condition ‘B’. This states that the driver is allowed to drive synchromesh or automatic transmission. This means that you can complete the training and assessment in an automatic truck and you will be entitled to drive a synchromesh gearbox as well. (Synchromesh means manual like a normal car). It will not restrict or limit your ability to drive MR, LR or class C vehicles.

The HR Licence with a condition B is common in the industry today. Many haulage companies have replaced their older model trucks with automatics as they have greater fuel efficiency over long distances and reduce driver fatigue. If you find at a later date that you do require the Constantmesh entitlement then you simply need to undertake a short Çondition B Removal test.  

This course (or the MR course) is ideal for clients wishing to enter the bus driving industry and can be combined with our Bus Driver Authority course. Inter-State coach companies require the HR licence and coaches are all automatic!

TWO DAY COURSE - Call 02 9676 1113 for our price

Completing our HR (Heavy Rigid) Licence course using a truck with a Constantmesh or Roadranger gearbox will result in you getting an 'open' licence. With this licence you can drive LR, MR and HR trucks with automatic, synchromesh or constantmesh gearboxes. YOU MUST HAVE CURRENT MANUAL CAR EXPERIENCE.
This course is usually undertaken by clients who wish to transport dangerous goods (flammable liquids) or will be working with older vehicles that still have this gearbox type. Please note this type of gearbox is now considered old technology so consider if the extra cost is worth it for you. Given that most modern fleets are automatic. the one day course would meet your needs. Remember, if you do find at a later date that you require the Constantmesh entitlement then you can undertake a Condition B Removal test. 

5 Easy Steps to enrol on our course and start your Heavy Rigid Licence training today.

  1. Pass the Heavy Rigid Knowledge Test at your local Motor Registry or Service NSW (practice the test here) RMS fee $47.
  2. Pass the eyesight test and purchase your HVCBA Learners Logbook class HR. RMS fee $27.
  3. Phone ABC Driving School (Arndell Park) 96761113 to book a date for your HR Licence Course.
  4. Attend and successfully complete your training course. Your assessor will give you a Certificate of Competence.
  5. Return to the Motor Registry, hand in your certificate and apply for your upgraded licence. (Note you will be given an interim licence while your plastic card is processed. (See RMS website for details) RMS fee $27.

ALL truck training and assessment will be conducted by our ABC Driving School trainers and assessors. Courses can be completed same day and pass certificates issued to successful candidates.


The Light Rigid (LR) Licence training course is ideal for people who want to drive:
  • School Mini Buses
  • Community Mini Buses
  • Motor Homes
  • Light Courier Trucks
  • Ambulances
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A Medium Rigid (MR) Licence Course is ideal for people who want to become professional:

  • Bus Drivers
  • Local Delivery Drivers
  • Courier Drivers
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ABC Driving school offer courses to obtain
your HR Licence including
1 day - Condition B
2 day - Constant Mesh
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Class HC - Heavy Combination

We offer HC -Heavy Combination courses

1 day - Condition "B"

2 days - Constant Mesh

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NSW Ambulance Requirements

Our trainers are committed to helping NSW Ambulance candidates meet the LR (light rigid unrestricted) requirement contained in the letter of offer. We can usually schedule your training to comply with the time frame your letter suggests. Even if it means working on Public Holidays!

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Class MC - Multiple Combination
The Multiple Combination course (MC) Licence training course is
ideal for REAL TRUCKIES.
You know who you are! 

We offer

1 day - HC-MC

2 day - HR-MC
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Bus Driver Authority

Our Bus Driver Authority Course is conducted by a Certificate IV qualified trainer/assessor. Our short course can be delivered at our Arndell Park office (individuals) or brought to your workplace for small groups (4-10 participants) 

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