About ABC Driving School

ABC Driving School has been operating in the Sydney Region since 1946. We have been here longer than the Broadcasting Company!!

As Sydney has grown and changed so have the needs of our customers and we have changed with them.

We no longer have offices all over Sydney, instead we have a single booking office - one number to call. 96761113

In 1946 the founder of the ABC Driving School name had a mission to create safer drivers and that is still our primary aim.

Back in the beginning learner drivers met their instructors at a local branch office. Now our car instructors will come to you, meeting you at home, school or work and negotiating the best locations to teach you about driving and increasing your skills in each lesson.

We no longer offer truck training in the city centre - Our City has grown too busy and we are concious of minimising the stress of learning to drive heavy vehicles. Our Heavy Vehicle training centre is located at Arndell Park, where the M4 and M7 meet, so we are easy to reach.